A Little About Our Humble School

Why All American Driving School?

First of all, we’re proud to say as one of the oldest driving schools in Orange County, it’s our 21st Anniversary! There’s a Reason we’ve been able to churn out better drivers for so long. Our instructors always strive to deliver the best in motor vehicle education, as the skills we teach will contribute to a safer, accident free community.

As a fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Driving School, we surpass industry and state standards and take pride in knowing that our students are the most competent, and most rational when it comes to handling a motor vehicle. Our Lessons are centered around producing sharper drivers that work to prevent collisions, that in turn work to save lives. Teaching the concepts of defensive driving, we instruct around guidelines that allow students to ask questions and develop a sense to driving resulting in students that absorb driving technique like they do funnel cake.

Say Hi to the People in Charge


Chief Instructor

Martin’s been with the school since the start (1992). He’s in charge of managing the content that’s taught and how it’s taught. Taking care of Traffic School, Driver’s Ed, and Behind the Wheel classes, he’s a busy dude, but he always has time to make you laugh. His Mustache is also heavenly.


Instructor/Legal/Scheduling/Online Management

Up there is Lana. She does everything from scheduling appointments and teaching Behind the Wheel to managing our online Driver’s Education Course. She speaks several languages including French and Spanish, so you’ll have no problem communicating with her.

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